Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program
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When teens believe they have value and a real chance for success, they start to see a future in which teen pregnancy has no part. They prevent pregnancy, we do not. What we do is create a healthy environment where they can realize just how gifted they are and grow.

Our program integrates sexuality within a comprehensive set of support tools that emphasize education, employment and all the other elements that make a young person whole. Youngsters now start the program at age 11 or 12 and continue past high school. We work with them five or six days a week, after school, on Saturdays, and throughout the summer. We reinforce our work with programs and services for their parents and deliver all services except medical and dental exams in-house, carefully avoiding program fragmentation.

We also put a premium on engaging teens, maintaining this gentle and generous engagement even when a young person seems not to care. Teens often forget what we say or do, but they rarely forget how we make them feel. We help by caring, being present, forgiving, and offering a stable environment; always communicating that they are special. Caring is the context in which all help occurs. Genuine caring for teens is our principle currency.


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Without (Dr. Carrera) or the program, I wonder where I would be. On the street corner, in jail, or would I be alive to tell you my story? Felipe Ayala, Jr., Program Graduate and current programe College Coordinator

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