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The Children's Aid Society Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program has enjoyed over ten years of success and counting. While we never equate our program as a quick-fix to the issue of adolescent pregnancy, we do like to measure our success. In addition to the following article, the most up-to-date articles can be viewed on the Children's Aid Society web site.

Edgar Koerner

September 30, 2022


Mike, this poem is for you -

for all that you’ve done these 20 great years.

Your teens’ pregnancies have dropped to so few,

your program elicits nationwide cheers.

And, of the 10,000 kids you’ve enrolled,

not one positive HIV test, I am told!

So, many less pregnancies and no HIV -

Mike, you’re a hero, all here will agree.

But I see your program as doing much more;

the positive is your program’s hard core,

giving the kids something they didn’t have before.

And I’m not speaking of sex education;

oh sure, you give them the required information,

but that’s not your program’s foundation.

Your seven components give kids self-respect

they see their lives as precious, not to be carelessly wrecked,

rather, to treasure and work to perfect.

That’s a gift they’ll have all their lives,

making them better adults, better husbands and wives,

and many of them better parents as well -

generations to come, your work rings the bell.

Over 10,000 kids, just think of them all -

you have every right to be proud and stand tall.

But I do have one favor to ask you for:

please, Mike, twenty years more!




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