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The Children’s Aid Society Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program has enjoyed over ten years of success and counting. While we never equate our program as a quick-fix to the issue of adolescent pregnancy, we do like to measure our success. In addition to the following article, the most up-to-date articles can be viewed on the Children’s Aid Society web site.



When the Youth Development Guru Speaks ...
The DC Campaign To Prevent Teen Pregnancy


When the Youth Development Guru Speaks ...

"It is better to be kind than to be right," said Dr. Michael Carrera as he so passionately described his work with teens before a packed audience of advocates, funders and program directors. Dr. Carrera, director of the Children's Aid Society's Stern National Adolescent Sexuality Training Center, was the keynote speaker for DC Campaign's roundtable, "At Promise, Not At Risk: Youth Development in America's Home Town."

The Society's celebrated adolescent sexuality and family life program has been recognized as one of the most effective teen pregnancy prevention programs. The program is a holistic, long term "above the waist" approach that supports teens in making critical decisions, staying in school and becoming successful adults.

Shirley Marcus Allen of Venture Philanthropy Partners moderated two panels, one of teens and one of adults. The teen experts were members of DC Campaign's Youth Leadership Task Force. The adult panel of experts included Greg Roberts of DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation; Lori Kaplan of Latin American Youth Center; Sandy Dang of Asian American LEAD and Diego Uriburu of Identity.

Thanks to our partners who made the roundtable a reality: Asian American LEAD; CFSA Office of Youth Development; Council of Latino Agencies; D.C. Alliance of Youth Advocates; DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation; DC Department of Parks and Recreation; Identity; Latin American Youth Center; National Organization of Concerned Black Men; Teen Alliance for Prepared Parenting; and Venture Philanthropy.

























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